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Latest News - No Time to Say Hello, Goodbye. I'm Late, I'm Late, I'm Late!

I'll admit that I've been neglecting the site somewhat, this in part is due to it being a pain in the arse to update content - the old "I'm a developer! I don't need a Database GUI front end!" trick. I have recently stared in a new role working within Sysdoc as a Junior Developer building web based applications to support process and change management within organisations. To this end I haven't really had a great deal of time to work on some of my own projects.This said, I have recently spent some time on the Accident Blackspot Project to try and bring it up a production level where I can roll it out officially as something "useful", stay tuned!

Latest Blog Entry - The Five Hundred Server

A friend of mine works for a company, let's call it Company X, who employ the industry standard of a typically overcomplicated technology setup comprising of numerous systems on a complete mismatch of hardware configurations.

One fateful day a few System Admins snapped and went about establishing server that were no longer in use or were providing no critical services to the inner workings of the company in order to turn off and be decommissioned or put to better use.

This brings us to The Five Hundred Server, a mysterious and unfathomable machine, running no specific services or bearing any mention in the company system architecture. Confident the machine was redundant the machine was switched off - cue the thunderclap - all hell broke loose.

Half of the company websites went down, angry phone calls left right and centre, frantic System Admins trying to isolate the problem. In an attempted to backtrack all of the servers that had been switched off were powered back up; all of the websites instantly came back online.

Puzzled one of the System Admins started poking around in one of the servers labelled only "500" but he could find nothing which would cause anything to crash let alone half the company websites to fall over. Cue the Programming Guru (yes, we all know what that means...), upon having the problem described to him replied:


The Guru was irate, furious that The Five Hundred Server has been turned off. The System Admin sighed, but of course how foolish of him to turn off the mysterious Five Hundred Server that appeared to do nothing and wasn't documented as being part of any critical systems. Yet another testament to corporate infrastructure.

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